Nicolas Zavala American Family Insurance 
114 N 4th Ave
Pasco, WA 99301


Nicolas’ story…

“In spite of this old Liberty Theater having had a fire a couple of years ago, I could see and appreciate the history, beauty, and potential business for this building. The charred building gave a bad face to our beautiful and vibrant downtown and I wanted to contribute to the downtown beauty and business strength. I have been in the area for some 25 year and in Pasco for 15 years. With my wife Gloria, at Joyeria Esmeralda, also in downtown Pasco, we have seen the great number of clients who visit the downtown, all the way from Seattle, Wenatchee and Idaho. On the other hand, I have seen the growth of Pasco and in particular the growth of the Hispanic population and need for businesses that can understand the needs, culture, and language of these particular clients. We don’t serve Hispanics exclusively, we have a lot of clients from other cultural backgrounds as well.

My goal is…

“to provide the best information and options possible to that the insureds can make the right decisions in protecting their dreams and their families, and what they work so hard for, so that they are adequately protected in case of unexpected situations. In spite of any past circumstances and the things we need to improve, I believe that Pasco’s downtown has the best potential for attracting people from around the state and the nation… I dream of hanging baskets, sculptures, benches, garbage cans, festivals, Christmas light on the trees, and the best events ever, and with the help of the other businesses in downtown, we are here to make it happen.”

Exclusividades Gissell’s
Owners: Maria Ramierz and Trinidad Gonzalez
102 north 4th avenue suite 3
Pasco, WA 99301


Maria and Trinidad’s Story…

Late in 2012, Maria and Trinidad passed by downtown Pasco and noticed Mr. Viera had some retail spaces for lease. They commented among themselves how great it would be to have a business in the middle of Downtown. They never imagined they would be able to pull all their resources together to make it happen, but with determination their dream became a reality.

Maria Ramirez use to own a boutique in Mexico, so it was in her nature to start a clothing retail store herein the states.





203 N. 4th Avenue Suite B
Pasco, WA 99301

Owner: Rosalina Moreno


Rosalina’s Story…

Rosalina owned and managed a beauty salon in Guadalajara. She won many awards and was able to travel the world for conventions where she presented and taught peers her techniques and updated with the latest trends. She is a professional hair colorist and specializes in woman’s haircuts.

Estilissimo is a Spanish slang word made up by Rosalina’s daughter. “Estilo” means “style,” and by adding “issimo” gives it the meaning of “very very stylish.”



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